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One customer wrote

I did not recognize anything special with the Homepage, but after a while my competitors seemed a little bit turned off & behind.

This might be to the Zorro zip effects of the built in SEO Power & the Edge of N.Nu. Set your information free from many of the boundaries in the old school platforms.


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Build from ground up by the SEO Expert Jim Westergren. (Read the latest interview with the SEO-Expert) with the goal to deliver fast SEO optimized websites that will ensure one of the highest visibilities in Google. This has resulted in this clean and simple but highly professional websites when it comes to visibility in Google.

Some businesses only use minisites for their marketing whereas other companies use them as secondary sales pages to their main sites. Interestingly you will find one man businesses that use these types of sites as well as Fortune 500 companies. Minisites are very high converting and for that reason many types of businesses choose to utilize them for their marketing campaigns. The is known to be one of the most visible in the fast lane.

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Bring out the facets

The overall highest success rates have been achieved from companies who have used this fast & Google friendly sites as a sales funnel for one product or to offer information about one product or product group. While some other favorable uses have been as a special site for OTO - one time offers.

Although Minisites are most popular in the direct marketing industry any kind of company can benefit from a minisite in the form of a landing page. They can be used to introduce a new product; they can also be used for promotions and contests. Anything a company wanted to separate from their own regular website would be a good candidate for a minisite. This might not be the best choice of homepage for the big company overall need, this is a minisite, designed to be number one.



  1. We implement only the very best templates from WordPress and other systems. Coding is done with XHTML/HTML5 and CSS3. See an example of a template.
  2. is built by the SEO expert Jim Westergren. One of the highest priorities in is to make sure that the websites in are ranking good in Google.
  3. It is important that websites loads fast. Google ranks faster websites higher and users browsing on mobile devices are more pleased. Therefore we made sure that your website in loads lightning fast. According to Alexa a website is loaded in average 0.134 seconds which is faster than 99% of other websites.
  4. is so simple to use that everybody can make a website with it. There are many people, both young and old, that have created successful websites in At the same time we maintain high flexibility to attract experienced professionals and big companies.


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